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Women's Ministry

Mission Statement:

Our Women's Ministry exists to provide spiritually-driven encouragement for women and to make available opportunities for them to connect with other women, to grow spiritually, and to engage in missions/ministry projects.


Ministry Leadership Team:

Carol Ellis, Team Leader

Shannon Clayton

Jo Henson

Pat James

Join us on Thursdays at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall
beginning October 12 for a five-week study of Grateful: Giving
Thanks to God in All Things, led by Laurie Tankersley. This
study will help you develop a thankful heart that can be
cultivated into a continual harvest of gratitude, regardless of the
circumstances. Each week you'll look at a profile of someone in
the Bible with a grateful heart, find teaching from Scripture on
gratefulness, focus on a psalm of thanksgiving, and be
encouraged to practice gratitude. Cost: $20 for the book. Sign-up sheet and payment
envelopes will be at the Welcome Center beginning Sunday, September 24.
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Women's Ministry Retreat 2021 

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